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Thermo Mask

Thermo Mask

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Never Turn Your Pillow To Get The Cold Side Ever Again!

Temperature fluctuations during the night can disrupt sleep. For instance, if someone becomes too hot or too cold, they may wake up, leading to fragmented sleep. Our Gel Infused Sleeping Mask allows both hot and cold therapy options. Place 2 hours in the freezer for cold or in the microwave for warm.

We recommend sliding on the Thermal Sleeping Mask after a 10-15 minute session of a XenLens Eye Massage.

Sleep Without Waking During The Night

Every person has their own temperature preferences for sleep. Some may find that they sleep better in a cooler environment, while others prefer warmth. With our sleeping mask you have the ability to control your head's temperature.

Sleep with Zero Light

If you want to have the best possible sleep, the most important thing to do is cut light.  Our gel infused sleeping mask blocks out 100% of light. 

Sleep with Comfortability

Our sleeping mask shapes comfortably on your head. Making it easily adjustable to maximize your comfort during sleep. Paired with cloud-like fabric and premium gel it’s a guaranteed fit for anyone. All while providing hot or cold compression as you sleep.

Regulate Your Sleep Patterns

Regularly putting on the mask at night can help regulate your sleep patterns. This will promote a consistent sleep-wake cycle. Your body will then begin to recognize these patterns and respond by preparing for sleep. 

Drug Free!

Our Sleeping Mask is a drug free remedy so you don’t have to deal with the side effects of any sleeping pills.

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