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No Need To Be Jealous Of The People Who Fall Asleep Within 10 Minutes Anymore. Be One Of Them & Get Your Full 8 Hours of Sleep Back!

Discover the ultimate solution to your sleep troubles with our revolutionary Eye Massager. Crafted with your comfort in mind, this gentle yet powerful device uses soothing massage and heat therapy to melt away the tension that keeps you tossing and turning.

A good night's sleep is just one massage away.

Stop yourself from Overthinking! 🧠❌

Rather than thinking about how much sleep you’ll get or your past experiences, you can connect the eye massager to your phone via Bluetooth and play any music, podcasts or guided meditations to help keep your mind focused on less stressful things.

Puts you in a relaxed state 😌🌼

Our eye massagers use’s gentle vibrations to massage the temple area. These sensations can trigger the relaxation response in the body. Leading to reduced muscle tension and stress. When your muscles relax, it can signal to your brain that it's time to unwind.

Develop a good sleep hygiene 🌙🧖‍♂️

Reset your relationship with sleep by looking forward to getting an eye massage every night right before you go to bed. Wearing it will also stop you from looking at your phone or any other blue lights before you sleep. 

Become Mentally Rested And 100% Functional 💆‍♂️💯

Regular massages can help you lead a better life. They recharge your body and mind, like a battery, so you feel less tired. They also help you think more clearly, so you can talk to people, do your daily tasks, and have fun with friends.

Drug Free! 💊🚫

Taking sleeping pills may work but it does come with some side-effects. At Ashiim we're all about using natural methods to tackle big issues.

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